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How to avoid entrepreneur burnout; experts give their best advice on keeping a healthy mind, body & business

How to avoid entrepreneur burnout; experts give their best advice on keeping a healthy mind, body & business

The common advice of tracking your sleep, morning gratitude and planning out your day with your top priorities is a great foundation.

Beyond that, there are three core pillars that I’ve depended on over the past eight years of building and scaling four fast-growth start-ups: mineral balance, focusing on my purpose and breathwork. 

Not only do these sustain my performance, but they help me achieve constant improvement and push the boundaries each day of what I thought was humanly possible.

Mineral Balance

Mineral imbalance is super common – and most people are completely unaware of the impact this has on your health and how you feel. If your magnesium, copper and iron levels are off, you’ll lack energy, be more prone to stress and lack mental clarity. Supplementing to keep the right balance of minerals in your body has a huge impact on your performance.

Finding Your Purpose & Having Fun

In business, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of hustling nonstop 18 hours a day. But you’ve got to be doing it with a purpose – and enjoying the ride. If you’re not, what’s the point?

Finding your purpose and having fun have a dramatic effect on your mind and business. Your purpose makes you strong, resilient and energizes you – it’s a constant reminder of the bigger picture. And remembering to have fun helps you ride out the unavoidable bumps along the way.

Master Your Breathing

Because we breathe unthinkingly all day, we overlook its power and importance.

By learning to master your breath, you can control and change your emotional state, biological chemistry and physiology. It’s the empowering ability to go from stressed and anxious to calm and in control.

You are essentially switching off your nervous system’s autopilot and taking control of the stick to control your body’s response to stressors.

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